Bill Gates – The World’s Richest Man from Last 30 Years-Founder of Microsoft – Now -The World’s Biggest Philanthropist

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Bill Gates is the name popular in every household all over the world from the last few decades.

Especially when it comes to middle-class parents motivating their children to study. 

Feeding the feeble minds of young children with the idea that if they get good grades they would become as rich as Bill Gates. Unknown to the fact that Bill Gates himself is a Harvard Dropout!

Even though Jeff Bezos is currently the World’s Richest man according to Forbes Magazine 2019. 

Still, for common men, Bill Gates is still the unproclaimed wealthiest celebrity they know of.

Also, let’s not forget Bill Gates has donated about one-third of his wealth to various charities. 

Bill Gates Quotes.
Bill Gates on why he has no importance for money in his Life.

In spite of that, he still claims the Second position in the List of Forbes Richest Men.

Childhood Legacy :

Bill Gates was born in an Upper-Middle class family to Henry & Mary Gates in Seattle, Washington. He also has two sisters namely – Kristianne & Libby. 

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Bill Gates on Poverty

His parents were really affectionate & encouraging. They encouraged Bill to strive for excellence. 

Bill showed early signs of competitiveness when he coordinated family athletic games during the summer holidays.

Bill also enjoyed playing Board Games especially Monopoly.

Bill Gates School Life:

Bill Gates is a voracious reader. At the age of 11 when kids his age used to prefer playing outside, he used to read the entire encyclopedia’s. 

His parents were worried about his anti-social behavior & decided to enroll him in Seattle’s Top Lakeside School. It was around this time where Bill was introduced to the concept of a Computer.

Curiosity for Technology :

A Seattle based computer company used to provide computer lessons to the students. It was in this computer class where 12 yr old Bill met the co-founder of his company – Paul Allen.

Bill & Paul started spending most of their time in the computer lab learning & experimenting with their own naive ideas.

They together developed a computer program that could measure the traffic flow in Seattle.

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Bill Gates on making sacrifices.

Occasionally they used to even get banned from the computer lab for hacking into the Computer Programs.

Bill graduated from his school in 1973.

He scored 1590 /1600 in his SAT’s which was just a glimpse of the talent inside him.

Dropping out of Harvard & foundation of Microsoft:

On his parents’ request, Bill went to the World Famous Harvard University to study Law. 

One day, Allen showed Bill a popular electronics magazine featuring a mini-computer Altair 8800.

They both approached the makers of Altair & claimed they had made a software that would run on Altair. 

In reality, they didn’t have a program at all. All they wanted was to check if they needed a program.

They worked hard for the next 2 months day & night and submitted the program to Altair.

This was the foundation stone of the Microsoft Establishment.

In 1975, Microsoft was founded where ‘Micro’ stood for Micro-computers’ & ‘soft’ stood for software.

In 1985, they brought a software that revolutionized the entire computer industry. The software was ‘ Windows’ whose updated versions we use today as well.

Bill vs. Steve :

Bill had developed a software program for Apple’s Macintosh computers. Apple was led by Steve Jobs at that time.


Bill found that Apple was giving its software for free. He requested Apple to license its software product. But Apple was too keen on selling computers.

Bill then developed his own program similar to Macintosh on the basis of the work done. He soon began licensing the product.

When Apple found out, they sued Bill Gates. But, eventually, Microsoft won the case against Apple. 

The software program was none other than ‘ Windows’.

Unusual Habits :

Bill, as mentioned before, is a voracious reader since childhood. He reads almost 50 books a year. 

He owns a 2100 sq. ft. library in his own house with thousands of books!

Bill Gates doesn’t eat breakfast. He eats only a cheeseburger at lunch.

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Bill Gates on being Lazy.

On asked what food would stock if he gets stranded on a deserted island. He said “ Cheese Burgers”.

He washes his own dishes. He believes that he can do the dishes better than anyone else!

Bill is also adamant about getting at least 7 hrs of rest at night.

Mistaken as an Assitant by IBM:

In the early days, Bill Gates was working on a program for IBM. 

Due to his simple attire, he was mistaken as an Assitant & was asked to serve coffee by one of the employees at IBM. 

Today, Microsoft’s valuation is more than 10 times IBM’s valuation.

Who would have thought?

The Philanthropic :

Bill Gates got his philanthropic side from his mother, Mary Gates.

Bill Gates to date has donated more than 30 Billion Dollars in Charity.

He also found the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation along with his wife. The Foundation works towards providing help in the lesser developed nations in health, poverty & education.

Bill Gates even stepped down as Chairman of Microsoft in 2014 to give his full attention to the foundation.

Bill Gates Quotes
Bill Gates on Legacy

Bill Gates through his competitiveness, perseverance, talent & philanthropy showed the world his true genius. 

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