It’s Very Refreshing Using MagTapp For Education.


Asha Agarwal lives with her family in Odisha. She lives with her mom and dad. She is the only child of the family, which explains how much she is pampered. But she is a good student. Her determination in education has always helped her excel in her study.

She has cleared her 12th standard and she is preparing for her IIT exams as she wants to get admitted into a good college. So she could finish her further Education from a reputed college. 

When Asha was in school and her teacher asked in the introduction section, ‘what will she become when she gets older,’ she said I will be an Engineer. She knew since childhood she wanted to be an Engineer. 

She says, “Her dream to become an Engineer is backed by Magtapp.” She further explains that she had downloaded the app after watching the MagTapp advertisement. She says she is thankful for the advertisement as this app has changed her approach to education. Nowadays education has become a fun learning experience and MagTapp has made it very easy and simple to understand.

And with the help of MagTapp, she has cracked her exam and got admission to a college of her choice. She still continues to use MagTapp to solve her doubts. 

We feel extremely happy after listening to these empowering stories. It boosts our morale to do better and keep empowering our users. 

We know that she will be a great Engineer. More power to you Asha. Keep the good work!



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