Learning Becomes Quick And Efficient With The Regular Use Of MagTapp.

MagTapp gave me a second chance to work on my weaknesses and grow professionally.


Pratyushi Nayak is a working professional. She was working in a telecommunication company for five years in the customer service department solving problems in the Hindi language. She was a good performer at her work.

When the Covid pandemic started, she lost her job due to her communication issues in English. The person who replaced her could speak in both languages:- English and Hindi. And it helped the company to get the dual work done. 

She tried getting a job at other companies but sadly there were no vacancies. 

Pratyushi thought,  if she learns English, it will be easier for her to get a job. She searched online about English learning courses and watched youtube videos as well. While searching online she saw the advertisement for MagTapp Translation. She clicked on it to download the app.

After downloading the app. She started learning English by translating books from Hindi to English. After reading a few books she switched to reading English books. When she gets stuck on any difficult English words, as per guided instruction she taps on the word to get its “ONE TAP VISUAL MEANING.” 

As Pratyushi was exploring the app. She found great English-speaking courses on Magtapp Short video. She started watching those videos to learn fluent English. 

After spending a lot of time learning English, she again started preparing for interviews and after a few attempts, she cracked the interview and got a job in another telecommunication company. She says that “MagTapp helped her to achieve her job.” Pratyushi says every person who wants to learn something new should definitely download the MagTapp application.  

We feel extremely honored by serving our customers. We will keep serving our users through our best services. 


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