Whats’s New in MagTapp 3.0?

MagTapp 3.0

MagTapp is World’s First Mobile Web Browser with an Inbuilt Document Reader, Visual Dictionary, Translation & Online Book Library Feature. With MagTapp App We help users read content Online or Offline in Document Readers or Books with One Tap Visual Meaning Solution.

After the ban of UC Browser, we became one of the highest-rated apps on Google Play store with 4.9 Star Ratings from over 30,000+ Users. The review subsequently decreased to 4.4 – 4.5 Stars because at that time MagTapp’s Web Browsing experience was not proficient.

MagTapp 3.0 is the third major update that we are releasing since our launch in December 2019. While building MagTapp 3.0 our main focus was to improve our Web Browsing Experience.

MagTapp 3.0 Features

  1. Fast Download Manager with Speedometer & Background Download Support Added
  2. Ad Blocker & Data Saving Feature Added
  3. Chrome Like Slidable Tab View Added
  4. Tab Restore & Restriction Feature Added
  5. News Reading Experience Improved
  6. My Profile Section Added
  7. 20+ Web Apps Integrated into MagTapp
  8. Website to PDF Feature Added
  9. Print Option Added for Website
  10. 21 + Books Category Added
  11. UI Changes for Clean & Minimal Look
  12. Customizable Homepage with Speed Dials
  13. Visual Added in Saved Words & Word History
  14. Overall Browsing Experience Improved
With the Ban of UC Browser, CM Browser, U Dictionary by the Indian GovernmentMagTapp has become One of the Best Option for more than 100 Million – 150 Million Indian Users who were using them for Web Browsing, Document Reading & Visual Dictionary
In the last 5 – 6 months since our launch, we have acquired over 10 Lakh users, As of now, we are one of the Finest Rated Apps with 4.5 Star average review from 38,800+ Users on Google Playstore in India.
MagTapp is one of the Best Alternative to Chinese Apps like
UC Browser – 58 MB
U Dictionary – 41 MB
WPS Office – 60 MB
MagTapp is just 34 MB and it provides Web Browsing, Document Reading, Visual Dictionary & Translation Feature – All in One.


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