MagTapp Has Been A Great Help To Learn


Mr. Mohit Nanaji is 25 years old working professional. He completed his engineering from Nagpur, Maharashtra. He is currently working in the structural department of Indian Railway. 

He likes to stay updated with news and current affairs. He also likes to  read books and novels. He is fond of reading but due to his long working hours, it becomes difficult for him to read many books and news. One day when he was watching a summary story of a book on youtube, he saw an advertisement for MagTapp. After watching the advertisement, he decided to download the app.

After downloading the app, he searched the MagTapp online library for the books he wanted to read and to his surprise a lot of books were available there for him to read. But his favourite feature was a document listening feature, now he just has to click on the document to listen the book anytime and anywhere. At work, usually during his breaks, he chooses the book of his choice and then listens to it.  Book listening feature has completely changed his reading experience.

He is also fond of reading News and he likes to stay updated with current affairs on a regular basis, but finding news from different portals to read kills his reading pleasure. When he started reading news and articles from Magtapp, it changed his way of reading. MagTapp provides a Segmented News section which eliminates the problem of content discoverability. At MagTapp, all the news and information are available at one place which makes reading easy.

Mohit says, “Magtapp helped me to read a lot of books and news with its listening feature as I like to stay updated with Current Affairs. MagTapp is a must have app for people who like to read.”

He has been using MagTapp for 1.5 years and he continues to listen books and read news from MagTapp.  



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