Arjun Kumar Gupta is a first-year D pharma student. He resides with his family in Uttar Pradesh.

His English was weak and he was scoring low in exams. He searched online to find ways to study English. In his search result, he got MagTapp’s app recommendation.

He decided to download the application. After downloading the application he started reading books from MagTapp’s online book section. He started translating books from English to Hindi to read books easily. After reading for a while through translation, he decided to read it in English.  

While reading, when he gets stuck on any difficult English word he just taps on the word to get its visual meaning. This helped him to improve his reading skills as he can now understand difficult words’ meanings as well. Now he can easily remember words’ with the help of its visual meaning. And when he reads any physical books and gets stuck on any difficult English word he uses the voice search feature to get its visual Meaning.

On MagTapp Short videos, he started watching the videos of English content creators to improve his command over language. Short videos help him learn things quickly in a short span of time. It boosted his confidence to create his own videos and upload them on MagTapp. When he uploaded a few videos, people started appreciating his videos and followed him on MagTapp. Arjun was quite happy with the appreciation he received from people and he started helping people to create their own video..

Arjun says, “Learning becomes easy when you have determination and MagTapp. This app has helped me improve my English tremendously, helping me score better in Exams.”  

Magtapp has a lot of tools which makes this app a one stop destination for learners. People who want to learn and grow should definitely download the app to unlock success.



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