MagTapp Helped Me Pass My Exams


Rahul Kumar Saini is a student. He is a 19 years old boy studying in BA second year. Rahul belongs to Virat Nagar, Tehsil Jaipur, Rajasthan. 

Due to the covid pandemic outbreak, the whole country went under lockdown. That’s why Rahul’s college got closed. His first-semester exam was due after five months. These were difficult situations, but everyone had to do their part to go ahead in their life. Rahul has to study and prepare for his exams, but there was no one to guide him. 

Rahul searched on youtube to study the BA  first year’s syllabus and before the video would start, a MagTapp advertisement appeared. After watching the advertisement Rahul decided to download the app. After downloading the app. Rahul clicked short video courses and started studying his syllabus from videos. After watching a few chapters through video courses, he started reading a few books provided in the online book section for BA and he got stuck at a few difficult English words.  As per instructions he just Tapped on those words and he got visual meaning and it made his life really much easier. Now he could continue his study without any deviation from the language barrier.

He got quite excited to explore other features of MagTapp. He started making notes from books which helps him just go through notes and revise easily. Rahul likes to entertain himself by playing games on MagTapp and learning creativity through Short videos. He also loves to use Dark Mode to protect his eyesight.

Rahul has created his own notes and uploaded them on MagTapp Online Books. Which helps other BA students with their study material. He was so impressed by the application that he called all his friends and told them to download the app through his referral link. Now Rahul has gained popularity among his friends as he makes notes for everyone.  all the notes can simply be downloaded from online books.

Rahul got good marks in his first-semester exam. And now he is popular among his classmates.  Later on, he started making short videos on ‘how to prepare for exams’ and started uploading them on Magtapp.

Rahul is now an example for the whole class on how to overcome difficult situations and become a good example to others.

Rahul says, Whenever a difficult time knocks, look at them as an opportunity and don’t run away from it. Try try until you succeed”. 



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