MagTapp Helped Me Study For My Exams


Ishita Panda is a ninth-standard student studying from the Bihar board. After the eighth standard, a few new subjects were added to her syllabus. she got quite worried since she is a little weak in her studies and can’t afford coaching classes. So scoring good marks would become a difficult task for her.

One day Ishita and her friend Sakshi were studying together and she expressed her feelings related to her study. Sakshi understood the problem and they thought to discuss this with their school teacher. As they went to seek help from their teacher, the teacher told them not to worry and to download MagTapp from Google Play Store.

They were quite confused, but went ahead and downloaded the app. After downloading the app, they checked the online book section which had all their academic books and it too had a video course section that had many videos from their syllabus. They got excited and started studying from MagTapp. With the help of the translation feature, they can translate all complicated English sentences into Hindi.

While reading through online books, she got stuck on a difficult word. As per the guidance she clicked on the word and the visual meaning of that word appeared. Even reading through physical books, if she gets stuck on a difficult word she just searched the word in the Image dictionary with voice command and she was happy to get a visual meaning.

Ishita and her friend used MagTapp to study for their 9th standard exam and they scored well in the exam.

Ishita says, ‘’She relies on MagTapp for her exam preparation.” As MagTapp helps her prepare for exams through books with the help of one-tap visual meaning and video courses.

Just like Ishita, if anyone wants to study and excel in life. MagTapp is always there to serve with its multipurpose features.


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