MagTapp helps me appear for UPSC while Completing my BSC 3rd year


Sameer Lateef is a third-year college student of BSC. He was finding ways to learn more subjects and prepare for UPSC at the same time. Sameer is from Jammu & Kashmir. Every now and then he has to tackle new problems such as colleges being closed and sometimes no internet access or due to heavy snow, roads get blocked making it difficult to reach the bookstore or library. At these times it becomes difficult for him to study. 

He was searching online for UPSC books so he could prepare for the exam and then he got to know about MagTapp and he downloaded it.


After downloading it, to his surprise he found many books for BSC and UPSC. As he explored the app more he found video courses related to both subjects with a huge number of videos to choose from. But his favorite section was the segmented news section where he usually clicked on STUDENTS” as it curates all the news and articles for him in one place to keep track of current affairs. While reading news and articles, if he comes across any jargon or technical term, whose meaning is difficult to understand. Now he just has to click on the word and its visual meaning will appear with the “ONE TAP VISUAL” meaning. 

Sameer prepares for his UPSC and BSC last year’s Graduation from Magtapp. Video courses on MagTapp help him study two diverse subjects in one place. With the help of MagTapp’s segmented news section, it becomes easy to keep track of current affairs. Through the document reader, Sameer saves all his online notes and exam dates with a proper schedule so he doesn’t have to search through a lot of files to find his different study materials and courses. Now all are available at one place:- Document reader. 

Sameer says that his life has become much easier after downloading MagTapp. Now MagTapp is his one-stop destination for all problems.

We would like to thank our users for letting us know about their problems and giving us a chance to make their life easier and empowered. We really feel grateful for serving our users and solving their problems constantly. 


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