MagTapp Helps Me Score More In Exams.


Lalit Jaiyanth is a 17-year-old school student. He stays in Haryana with his family. His family consists of 5 family members along with two siblings. He is fond of reading non-fiction books and biographies. Books are pretty expensive for him as he gets limited pocket money to buy books. He was looking for an alternative where he could read books for free, as he is an avid reader. 

One day a friend of Jaiyanth told him about the MagTapp app where he can read almost all books for free as they have 50,00,00 plus books in their app. He got excited to download the app and check their books.

After downloading the app, he started reading through MagTapp online books. As all the books were free with the audio listening features, it motivated him to read more books. While reading, when he gets stuck on any difficult English word, he just taps on that word to get the visual meaning. And it makes it easy for him to read more books and understand them properly.

Apart from his hobby is reading, he was also preparing for IIT. Magtapp has many IIT books in its online book section. He started studying from there and learning became super easy for him through video courses and a note-making facility. He has put in a lot of effort in study and he cleared the exam with good marks. His exam score was good enough to get him admitted into his desired college.

Now he makes short videos as well on MagTapp, informing people about the benefits of reading and learning. MagTapp short videos are an infotainment and edutainment platform where you can learn anything in under a minute. 

Just like Jayanth, follow your hobby and passion, use MagTapp to fulfill your dream.

We understand the effort and hard work students put forth for exams. Hence, we constantly provide solutions to help them excel.



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