MagTapp Helps Me Study Along With My Job


Mr. Ravi Kumar Mandala is from Jharkhand. His family consists of nine family members. His elder brother is serving the country as an Indian  Army Officer. He himself has been working as an Indian Air Force Airmen for the past three years.  He lives with his Mom, Dad, Grandfather, and Grandmother in Jharkhand. It warms our heart by telling you that this is an amazing family, whose two sons serve the country.

At his Village

Mr. Ravi wants to appear in UPSC Exams, but he is currently working as a full-time Indian Air Force Airmen. So he can’t study from physical books or any coaching classes as he is serving our country. He needs an alternative way of study because he only reads when his shift ends after work. And he can not arrange all the books and study materials in physical formats.  He was watching a video on youtube through which he saw an advertisement for MagTapp and downloaded the app.

After downloading the app, he searched for UPSC books and he found the whole catalog of books and study materials. Now he could study anytime from anywhere. Even in offline mode, by just downloading the book he wants to read and access whenever he wishes to study. MagTapp provided him facilities like “One Tap Visual meaning” which solves his language barrier problem and now he can read in any book and understand in his own language. Video courses provided him a great help to understand the concept which is available free of cost. The segmented news section helps him read all the current affairs news at one place. This eliminates the need for any coaching classes for him.


 He says, “Magtapp is no less than any miracle that happened to him at the right time.” Magtapp gives him the freedom to study when he wants with many different features like translation, visual meaning, and continent listening. It makes preparing for a competitive exam like UPSC an easy task along with his demanding job.

We feel extremely humbled by the feedback we get from our users. As a platform, we want to keep empowering our users to achieve their goals.  Mr. Ravi’s story corroborates that “when there’s a will, there’s a way”. 


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