MagTapp Helps Me To Achieve Better Results


Kumkum Sahu is an 11th standard student from the commerce stream. She resides in Raipur, Chhattisgarh with her family. Her dad is a farmer and her mom is a housewife, who takes care of Kumkum, and her younger sibling, who’s studying in 5th standard. It’s a sweet little family.

Kumkum and her sibling both study at the nearest government school. She has passed her matriculation with good marks. She could have done much better in her exam had she scored higher marks in English. Her favorite subject is Math and her weakest subject is English. Her mother tongue is Hindi and all her friends and family members also speak in Hindi, which makes it difficult for her to practice English speaking and reading. 

She started worrying about her present year’s grade which may get affected if she scores fewer marks in English. One day, she was discussing this with her friend and she suggested downloading the MagTapp application, which she uses to study English and Math. Kumkum said, “Okay I will download the app.”

She was still confused about how an app could help her in her studies, so she started reading a book on MagTapp and she got stuck on a difficult English word. As per the guidance she tapped on the word to get its VISUAL MEANING, which helped her to learn difficult words in simple terms along with their Visual meaning. It also helped her to remember difficult words along with their meaning for a longer period of time. And finally with the help of MagTapp she scored better marks in her first-semester exam.

She continues studying from the MagTapp online book library.  Video courses help her to learn Math before it is even being taught in school. Now she is the most intelligent student in her class as she can solve Math problems before everyone. She is extremely fond of Math as a subject, so she watches MagTapp short videos on MagTapp to learn Vedic Math and smart tricks on ‘how to solve math solutions in less time.’


Kumkum says “English as a subject was difficult for me because the language was difficult to understand, but with the help of MagTapp Translate she can translate any book or article in Hindi and understand things better.”

I let my sister study from MagTapp as well so she can have a better understanding of English and other subjects which makes studying fun and not a daunting task.

MagTapp is a must-have application for people who want to learn and grow in their life and career.


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