MagTapp Helps Me To Learn And Memorise Easily


Lipika Haldar is a student studying in 12th standard from the science stream. She resides in Lucknow with her parents. She is a creative person who likes to make art and sketches in her spare time. She has won many awards in school for her arts and sketches. But she is weak at studies, and it takes a lot of effort for her to remember concepts and topics from her syllabus. It makes her feel that studying is a boring and daunting task. She has to memorize everything and has a very little understanding of the concepts.

This affects her marks after the school tests. She was trying to find other ways of studying without pushing herself out of the boundary to memorize everything so she could understand the concept easily. 

One day while she was watching physics videos on the internet she saw a MagTapp advertisement and she decided to download the app.

After downloading the app, she checked the online book section to find her physics book and to her surprise, she got many books available. While reading books whenever she got stuck on any difficult English word, she just tapped on the word to get its ‘visual meaning.’ It helped her remember terms with their meaning easily. Her focus on studies changed when she started learning physics from video courses which made a complicated subject like physics an interesting and fun subject to explore and learn new things from teachers who explained things in depth with a simpler presentation and easy examples. After preparing from video courses she learned other subjects as well which helped her score better marks in her next exams.

She is now satisfied with her academic performance. Now she is also happy with her artistic progress. Nowadays, she started uploading her art videos on MagTapp short videos. Through other users’ appreciation, she gained the confidence to upload more videos. 

Lipika says, “MagTapp has given me immense confidence, as I am scoring better marks in my exams, and my hobby to make art has also got recognition among people which has boosted my confidence to do better.” 

Subjects should be learned with an understanding of the topic, which makes learning easy and increases the curiosity to know more. Memorizing terms and concepts is a daunting task, so better choose understanding vs memorizing to score better in exams. Download the app to explore the ease of learning.


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