MagTapp Is The Best App For Students

MagTapp's use has changed my study drastically and now I am able to score well in my exams.


Sonali Mahakul was preparing for her Eight standard exams from the Maharashtra board. She is studying in the Marathi medium. She doesn’t like to write essays in her English subject as her English is weak. She was searching different online mediums to study English to score more marks in Exams. 

After her search result came, she saw the MagTapp advertisement. She downloaded the application. Once she started exploring the app, she focused on the translation feature which helped her with her studies. She first wrote an essay in Marathi and then used the translation feature to convert it into English. 

Later on, while reading books and using “ONE TAP VISUAL MEANING,” she started reading her textbooks in English as well. It helped her to have a better understanding of English as a subject. Learning English and writing essays helped her score more in exams.

Sonali is now preparing for her exams with Magtapp. She is taking extensive help from online books to read coursebooks and she is also using notes making features. Notes making feature makes the revision of any subject very easy and simple for her. When the exam comes she just goes through her notes and saves a lot of time in preparation.

She learns English grammar from Magtapp’s video courses to enhance her command of language. From hating English as a subject and having trouble with writing essays in English to scoring good marks in the subject has made her interested in studying English more.  

Sonali says “study has become fun after learning via MagTapp.”  As there are many tools available in MagTapp that’s makes learning exciting. 

We are glad to hear that we have been helpful to Sonali. We will keep providing our best services.


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