MagTapp Translate Helped Me to Get a Job


Syed has just completed his graduation and started giving interviews for jobs. Syed is from Hyderabad. Being rejected from several interviews made him question, “where is he lacking?” “ Why is he getting rejected constantly from different firms?” 

As he started to think of his weakness, the first problem that he realized was his English. His mother tongue was Hindi and all the job interviews were conducted in English, making him nervous and anxious as his English was not fluent and up to the mark. Due to which sentence formation and translation from Hindi to English make him nervous all the time. 

He used to feel frustrated as his family of seven members including his mother and two elder brothers along with their wives and one younger brother had high hopes for him. And they all hoped that he would soon get a good job. 

Syed is an artist as well, he loves making sketches and painting as his hobby. One day while he was surfing Instagram, he came across the MagTapp advertisement and found it interesting enough to download the app. 

And this was the day his life changed dramatically. After downloading the app. He started uploading his art videos and watching other creators’ art made him inspired to create more diverse art and his creation was getting wider praise from the audience which boosted his morale.

One day while he was reading a career-related article on MagTapp he got stuck at a difficult English word which he couldn’t understand and comprehend.  He instantly Tapped on the word and got the VISUAL meaning. And this became a WOW moment for him. This encouraged him to read more and now ONE TAP VISUAL MEANING has become his favorite feature from Magtapp. 

Another feature that changed his life for good reasons was Magtapp translation. While reading online he used to convert articles and information from English to Hindi. Syed says that “every meaning used to appear in a VISUAL form that made him remember the word easily without any effort and it improved his English at a faster pace”. Using the Magtapp translation feature for a longer period of time boosted his confidence in English reading and speaking.

And the next time when he appeared for his interview, he was well prepared with good communication skills in English and he cracked the interview and got a job in a call center. 

If you want to fulfill your dreams, then Magtapp has many empowerment tools to help you improve your skills just like Syed, and make your life easier.


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