MagTapp’s Document Search Engine Disclaimer

MagTapp’s Document Search Engine acts just as a search engine and it finds the best suitable and appropriate books available on the Internet for you.

During this process MagTapp just acts as a service provider. We try our level best to gather the data for you in one easy place but we are not having any kind of control over the search results, uploaded and downloaded ebooks.

As a user you must have the legal right to download the content you are accessing through our search result.

We as a service provider strongly encourage you not to violate any copyright laws by doing illegal downloading. We strongly recommend you to always double check those eBook links and the titles for any copyright infringement before downloading anything.

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Where do books come from in our Document Search Engine?

Whenever you search any book on MagTapp’s Document Search Engine, our automated system tries to find best book search results from all over the internet.

Since it’s done programmatically, sometimes you might not find the perfect match for your searches.

We are working on improving our services by creating a library based on user search behavior so that we can improve our search results the next time.