MagTapp 3.0 is Launched!

MagTapp is World’s First Web Browser with Visual Dictionary, Inbuilt Document Reader, Online Document Library & Translation App in 42 Languages. Enjoy Visual Meaning on Tap!


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How MagTapp Web Browser is Different?

Our uniqueness lies in our One Tap Visual Meaning Solution which is available in 12 Indian Languages & 30 Global Languages. MagTapp Web Browser is only App in the World Made in India which has inbuilt Document Reader, Visual Dictionary & Translation Feature.

One Tap Visual Meaning

Long press on Words you don't Understand and Experience One Tap Visual Meaning Screen for that word. This will contain Word's Meaning, a Representational Image, Word's English Meaning, Words More Meaning in Selected Language, Antonym & Synonyms.

MagTapp Browser

Search and Browse Contents online in our Fast and Light Web Browser. Long Press on words to find its Visual Meaning on the go.
From Latest News to Movies, you can search everything in our Web Browser.

All Documents / MagDoc

MagDoc is an Inbuilt Document Reader in MagTapp which can read PDF, PPTX, Word & Excel files. JustTap on words in MagDoc to find its Visual Meaning. User's can even Listen & Translate Documents

Image Dictionary -MagBot

Image Dictionary or MagBot is an Inbuilt Personal Chatting Visual Dictionary in MagTapp App. You can Type or Voice Search words in MagBot for their Visual Meaning. You can even have Voice to Voice Translations in MagBot.

Online Books / Library

Download over 10,000+ Educational Book, Notes, Solutions, Question Papers from NCERT, CBSE, ICSE, UPSC, SSC, IITJEE, NEET, CA, CS, Digital Marketing, Food, etc for free and Read or Listen these documents with Our Inbuilt Document Reader.

MagTapp Translate

Translate in over 42 Languages with MagTapp Translate. You can use Camera Translation, Voice to Voice to Translation, Text Translation using MagTapp Translate. TranslateAll in MagTapp Translate can be used for Translation on any app.

Video Courses

We have added Video Courses for Class 6 to Class 12 Students in the Hindi Language for students to learn from home. Video Courses contain free Video Courses by Expert Teachers for free.


TranslateAll is used for Translating WhatsApp, Facebook & Text Messages. TranslateAll works on any app installed in your phone. Draw Over Other Apps & Accessibility Permission is required for enabling TranslateAll.

Listen Content

Not Interested in Reading? Don't worry, We have got you covered. Listen Entire Content in Our Browser through Reading Mode and in MagDoc (Document Reader) through the Play Button with voice customisation.

Why MagTapp App?

99% of Content available Online or in Documents are published in the English Language. The majority of Users face Problems while Reading Content when they get stuck with Difficult English Words.

M-Dictionary by MagTapp

M-Dictionary is World's First Free Visual Dictionary & Translation App with more than 1 Million Visual Meanings available in 12 Indian Languages & 30 International Languages.

You can easily find Definitions & Descriptions for more than 6 Million Words in M-Dictionary with Part of Speech, Synonyms, Antonyms & Sample Sentence in your selected language. M-Dictionary is also Offline.

With the size of just 15MB, M-Dictionary is one of the Smallest Dictionary App Available in 42 Languages. M-Dictionary's Database is built keeping in mind the requirements of Indian Users and as per the searches of Indian Users Powered by MagTapp.


Why MagTapp 3.0?

MagTapp was launched at the end of November 2019. It's just 8-9 months since we launched MagTapp. The first version of MagTapp was launched on the assumptions and what we thought would be right for the users. We achieved our milestone of 100,000 users in the first month successfully. One Tap Visual Meaning feature was welcomed by our users with an open heart and everyone loved as Visual Meaning was first in it's kind.

MagTapp became a Product-Market Fit but it was Confusing to use and lots of Essential Features were missing in MagTapp App.

So, We started working on MagTapp 3.0 from June End after gathering all user feedback and data from analytics. MagTapp 3.0 was finally launched on 11 September 2020, The design was much better, everything was understandable and navigatable. It was easy to use. MagTapp became One of the Highest Rated App with 4.8 ~ 4.9 Stars Rating after the ban of Chinese App UC Browser.

"Building for Billions"

MagTapp is becoming an Essential Empowerment tool for people from Reural & Semi-Urban aeas to Overcome Language Barrier.

Due to its low size (30MB -35MB) MagTapp will be a perfect option for next 200 Million Internet Users who will join us in coming 2 - 3 years and will use the Internet for the first time from not very expensive smartphones where storage is a major constraint, MagTapp will be a perfect solution as it will replace 5-6 different apps.


Brilliant, Experienced and Skilled

From 3 People to 50+ People Company in just 6 Months. MagTapp has Grown Exponentially. 25+ Students from BITS Pilani, Hyderabad & Goa Campus joined us for Digital Marketing, Backend Development & Content Wrting Internship in their Summer Internship Program.


Our Executive Team

Satyapal Chandra
Founder & CEO

He is a passionate author who has penned over ten novels of different genres. As an entrepreneur, he has extensive expertise to run companies in different sectors. He is a founding member and invitee speaker for many NGOs and institutions.
Currently he also runs a digital media company named Outlanders Media.

Rohan Singh
Founder & CPO

He has worked in many industries like Medical, Coaching & Tech. He also taught Digital Marketing to more than 10K Students Globally. He has also designed many Mobile Apps & Websites prior to MagTapp.
He takes care of Product Vision, Product Design, & Product Development. He is also leading Online Marketing at MagTapp.

Abhishek Singh
Founder & CTO

Abhishek is a Google Certified Android Developer.

He is a Full Stack Developer with an experience in MongoDB, NodeJS, Angular, AWS Lambda, DynamoDB, S3, Kotlin, JAVA, Cloudfront, PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, Linux, Ethical Hacking & Wordpress.
He have worked on many Android and Web Applications.

Ashish Virkar
Head of Operation

Ashish Virkar holds B.Tech degree from VJTI College, Mumbai and has 5+ years of experience in different MNC’s as Business Development Officer. He has vast experience in Market Research, Quality audits and quality control.
Apart from this he is also a screenwriter for various movies like Tu Tithe Asave and Vegali Vaat in Marathi

Sagar Malhotra
Head of Marketing

He has 8+ years of Experience in Sales & Management. He started his Career in Insurance Sector as a Team Leader and later Worked as a Stock Broker.
At MagTapp, He is responsible for Magtapp’s Marketing and Communications Strategies, as well as overall Branding and Image with main focus on Market Research, User’s Behavior and Technology.

Soumya Ranjan Das
Content & Video Producer

He is an Indian Film Director, Producer and Screenwriter. When he was 18 years old, Das moved to Mumbai to peruse the fine arts of Filmmaking, after graduating from Film School Das spent 6 years in Public Television and in Independent Cinema. Now his primary focus is on creating impactful creative to tell better and more timely stories representing MagTapp.

Rakesh Kumar
Regional Marketing Manager

Rakesh Kumar has deep expertise in the Education Sector and he has run few Institutes in Bihar. He understands the very nuisance of the regional market. He takes care of MagTapp's Marketing in Bihar. He is also running The Success Campus Coaching in Patna which is an English Coaching Institute.

Saurav Singh
Head of Content Development in Product

Saurav is Looking after MagTapp's Online Book or MagDoc Book Library Section which cotains Educational Books, Solutions & Notes. With this he is also looking after MagTapp's Video Courses Section which contains Video Courses for Students. He is leading Content Development Team in Product Department.

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Users Feedback

With over 38,000+ Reviews MagTapp has become One of the Highest Rated App on Google Playstore with 4.8 ~ 4.9 Star Ratings. Our User are Reading Content Dictionary Free with the help of One Tap Visual Meanings. These are Few Reasons Why Our User Loves Us.

MagTapp's FAQ

Checkout our Most Frequent Questions and Answers. If you still have any questions, Feel Free to drop them at

What is MagTapp?

MagTapp is Web Browsing App with Inbuilt Document Reading & Visual Dictionary feature. While reading content in MagTapp Browser or MagDoc (MagTapp's Document Reader) if user stucks with the difficult words, the Visual Meaning of that word can be found by Long Pressing or Selecting that word in just few seconds without having to open any dictionaries.

Does MagTapp's One Tap Meaning Screen features work on other apps?

Yes, You can use MagTapp on other app's like Gmail, Evernote, etc. For this you have to Select the Word and then press on Context Menu (three parallel dots one over other) and then Press on MagTapp Translate Option. Watch Video

How to use Dictionary in MagTapp?

Yes, MagTapp has MagBot which is MagTapp's Personal Chatting Visual Dictionary. It's Available on Home Screen at bottom right corner (Blue Robot Icon). Here you can Search Words for Visual Meanings. You can even Voice Search on MagBot. MagBot can be used over any app's by switching it on. Watch Video

How to find meanings of word if One Tap Visual Meaning doesn’t work?

MagTapp's One Tap Visual Meaning works almost on all Android Phones and Websites. But if you still face problem while using One Tap Visual Meaning, Just Copy that word and One Tap Visual Meaning will appear. Watch Video

Which all Language MagTapp's Visual Meaning are available?

MagTapp's Visual Meaning are available in 12 Indian Languages, English Meanings are complimentary with all languages. We support Hindi, Bengali, Marathi, Gujrati, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam, Punjabi, Odia, Urdu, Nepali Languages. Very soon MagTapp will be available in 100 Languages Globally.Watch Video

Can I Read Latest News on MagTapp?

Yes, You can Read Latest News on MagTapp. Latest News are available in the "Exclusive for You" section on the homescreen of MagTapp App.

What is One Tap Visual Meaning?

One Tap Visual Meaning is term given to the Meaning Screen where Word's Meaning, Word's Representational Image, Words More Meaning in English & Selected Language, Word's Antonym, Word's Synonyms is available. This screen appears when Word's are Tapped or Long Presses or Selected in MagTapp Browser or Document Reader when MagTapp Mode in on. You can swipe up from this screen to continue reading. Watch Video

Why MagTapp Browser or MagDoc (Document Reader) or One Tap Visual Meaning?

While browsing through websites or reading any PDF or documents we often come across difficult words. We either ignore it or spend our crucial time searching for that word online or in a dictionary app. This not only wastes our time but also deteriorates our reading experience. One Tap solves this issue. Just Tap (Long Press) on words you don’t understand in MagTapp Browser & MagDoc (Document Reader) and you will find its Visual Meaning for the word in just a few seconds. Also, You will remember Visual Meanings for a longer period of time.

What is MagTapp Mode?

By default MagTapp Mode is On (On Button).
When MagTapp Mode is enabled, You can find the meanings of word on the Tap / On Selection / On Long Press / On Hold.
When MagTapp Mode Disabled, normal long press mode of Android will get activated. You can take notes, listen to content, find its meaning by taping on word & Translate Selection copy, select, share content. Watch Video

How to Translate Documents in MagTapp?

For Translating Documents, Open any Documents in MagDoc (MagTapp's Document Reader), Switch Off MagTapp Mode (On Button), Select Content you want to Translate and Press Translate Icon. Watch Video

How to Read / Listen Contents in MagTapp Browser Ad-Free?

Open any News or Visit any Website or Blog in MagTapp Browser, Wait for the page to load, Press on Book icon in bottom navigation. Watch Video

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