Reach Your Niche Through MagTapp Short Video


Nafiya Shaikh is a first-year commerce student. She likes public speaking. She participates in all the debates and discussions to improve her speaking skills. She takes part in several college functions like inauguration and annual function as an anchor and her teachers like her oratory skills and confidence that she has and they want her to participate in many functions and events where she could showcase her talent and gain experience. After graduation, she wants to become a public speaker.

Nafiya was an average student but her communication skills were excellent. Her teachers were quite confident that she would have a great career ahead, but she was upset and sad about the fact that she can speak well but there is no platform where she could showcase her skills. 

One day she was upset thinking about her career and her teacher noticed her. Her teacher asked Nafiya, ‘why are you upset? What happened dear?’ She replied that she is worried about how she would reach out to people to showcase her skills. Her teacher suggested that she should download the Magtapp app to get all of her worries buried.

She accepted her suggestion and started making interactive videos and uploading them on MagTapp. After posting videos for some days, she noticed few positive responses and she decided to make more amazing videos. She started making videos on student topics and working-class people and it helped her gain followers and people started appreciating her video’s content. She was happy with the response she was receiving and she continued making more videos for people. 

She says, “MagTapp provided me a platform where I could connect and reach a huge number of people.”

We feel extremely grateful for the fact that with the help of MagTapp’s short videos she could reach a large number of people to showcase her speaking skills.



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