5 Steve Jobs’s success Theories that will Blow your Mind


Do you feel rejected? Does failure still hurt you?  Are you Unhappy with your Life? Do you feel you serve a different purpose in Life? 

You may know Steve Jobs as the Billionaire, Genius Mind behind Apple but you don’t know the story behind his success. 

So What made him an Innovator? Why people follow him blindly & get inspired even though he wasn’t an Engineer? Why he didn’t care how much money people make but care about what they create? Does he really earn that respect? What do you think?

So now explore the five most fascinating theories give by the steve that will solve all of your queries. 

So here we go……

1. “ Being Rejected Doesn’t Mean You Are Not Loved”

Steve’s struggle with life began even before he was born. Isn’t it a little cruel? In Fact, it is.  So now think about Steve. His biological Mom was a young, unwed undergraduate & not well-financed. So She put Steve up for adoption with a criterion that he must be adopted by someone who is a graduate. Just think about the situation that a little baby is put for the adoption.

Finally, a Lawyer & his wife adopted him but soon gave him up after 10 days because they wanted a girl. He got rejected by life again & again until his current parents adopted him. Even though Steve’s parents weren’t graduates they made sure that Steve went to college & graduated. Aren’t they become the ideal parents? 

So this way, the Bright Steve got into Stanford but soon dropped out because he wanted to do something more valuable in life. This was the time when he invented Apple in his garage with his dear friend Steve Wozniak.

“Giving up is a choice, Rejection isn’t, Success isn’t.
Die Trying or Live with Regrets.”

2. “Love What You Do! Never Settle”

Life is a struggle, there is no escape. Don’t you wanna be a fighter? It’s your choice how do you wanna spend your struggle. People spend their life doing things just for the sake of it & put a full stop at finances and still struggling. What if we did things we love? Sure, there is a struggle. Sure, there is a pain. But that’s what life is now too right? How to Make it better? The Big Question arises.

At Stanford, Steve struggled with things he never loved & tried doing them anyway. Do you feel the same? 

After six months he said to himself “Enough is Enough”. He dropped out of college & started doing things he loved like Calligraphy. Useless, isn’t it? 

But that gave him the idea of creating Personal Computing with Apple. The box was what IBM – Computer Company of the 80s was manufacturing. Steve made something Out of Box with Apple – Think Different. Why should Computer be in many hands when it can be in every hand? Vision matters not just for business but also for life.

“ Do something you love cause it’s hard to love something you do.”

3. “Sometimes life hits you in the head with a brick, don’t lose faith”

After the failure of Macintosh, Apple suffered heavy losses & decided to fire Steve from Apple, the company that he created. How is that possible? It is too painful.

Devastated Steve decided never to look back & learn from his failure. He moved on with life. Doesn’t matter if things don’t go as planned, just don’t lose faith. What would you do if were in his shoes?

Life after a public execution was tough for Steve but he raised from the Ashes. Pixar-Animation Company & NEXT-Personal Computers both were very successful. With Apple’s falling stock prices by mid-90s, Apple decided to buyout NEXT & Reinstated Steve as it’s CEO. What if Steve Jobs gave up on life after getting fired? He would be remembered just because of his failures. Never lose faith, break the barriers. Success is a war you either win or die trying.

“Many Enjoy Success, But Few Enjoy Failures. Enjoying failures gives you the power of starting something new”

4. “Remember we will be dead soon”

Steve’s every morning ritual was looking in the mirror & asking himself, “If today was the last day of my life would I wanna do what I wanna do today?” & whenever the answer was no, he knew he had to change something. Try asking this to yourself. Surely you will get answers.

In 2007 Steve was diagnosed with cancer. Even though it was cured, the fear of death helped him realize things he did wrong and it was time to make them right. Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s way. It’s time to wake up & make your life goals clear so that whenever you die you will never regret. You do wanna die in peace, right? Death is God’s greatest creation that has motivated Steve & will motivate you to be a winner in life.

“Your Comfort Zone will only give you Failures”

5. “Stay Hungry! Stay Foolish”

iPhone, iMac, iPod & all other Apple products, do you know what they all have in common? Steve’s vision to make people think differently. His vision to simplify things, to always wanting for more made him one of the greatest innovator in the world. What’s your vision in life that sets you apart?

Set your goals! Achieve them! It’s time to set higher goals now. Do you wanna be the person who waits for other people to succeed and will succeed with them or you wanna make your own success? The choice is yours. Both the roads have a difficult path, it depends on your hunger for success. Of course, you can be Successful!!!!!!

“ Be a Leader or Be a Follower”

Today is the Day! Figure out the things you really love. Pursue your passion. Be a Good Friend, Take care of your family cause there’s is a struggle waiting and you need support on the way. Don’t say, “I’ll do it tomorrow, I will, I promise”. Time is more valuable than money. Go home tonight & think what you really want to do in your life. Figure out how happy you’re and you wanna be. Is it Difficult? The Internet has made things easier for you. Do you know what’s easiest? Let me help you with this. MagTapp will empower you & you discover the true you and your vision. It’s time to rise and shine because you are a genius & you need to know that genius inside you. Don’t you want that power? Download MagTapp Here.

Still here? Yes, you’re. Here’s a bonus fact just for you.

“Simplicity is Everything”

Steve Jobs was a hardcore believer in simplicity. Simplicity is the most attractive thing in this world if you use it right. Let it be Apple’s Hardware or Software Design or Steve’s clothing, everything is just so simple & unique

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