Study Made Possible By MagTapp


Dheeraj Kumar Shah is a 21-year-old student, who has just completed his graduation. Dheeraj is the elder brother among all the siblings and his family resides in Bihar. His family has high expectations of him. 

Currently, he is preparing for the SSC exam. One day he saw a hoarding of MagTapp outside his coaching classes. Constantly watching the hoarding for days, he inquired about it from his teacher and asked, “What is MagTapp?” His teachers  smiled and said, “Download the app, it will become your best study friend.” And then he decided to download the app.

When he opened the app and checked the translation feature, he got excited. This app can do translation in 12 Indian and 42 international languages where any book, article, or information can be translated to any preferred language. Now he loves to read many books by translating them into his mother tongue, Hindi.

He found his teacher’s account on MagTapp short videos, where he constantly updates short videos related to study. It helped him learn additional information that his teacher put out on MagTapp short video.

For students who are preparing for government exams that require intensive study of current affairs, Magtapp segmented news and articles help them with curated news so they don’t need to crawl 

through lots of websites and they can get all the information in one place.

Dheeraj felt delighted after discovering SSC books on MagTapp’s online book section. After downloading books, he started reading them with the help of “ONE TAP VISUAL MEANING.” With MagTapp now making notes and reading the syllabus have become so easy.  Nowadays, Dheeraj and his friends study together for preparation for their Exams. They play the video course and everyone watches together to understand the topic being taught.

Dheeraj’s favorite feature is MagTapp’s game. After studying, MagTapp games provide a fun and competitive spirit among them.

Dheeraj says indeed, “MagTapp has become his best friend. As it solves all his study-related problems along with his friends all at one place.”



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