Understanding Education Through MagTapp


Juhi is an Arts student from Mumbai, she has completed her 12th standard and wants to pursue Psychology ahead but she is not sure if she would be able to study that for three years and make a career out of it. She has empathy towards people who can’t be the best version of themselves because of their Mental health issues. She wants to help them through counseling and hence wants to become a counselor. But she is afraid as she needs to read a lot of books and case studies. She is confused about whether she would be able to pass with good marks as this would be a new subject altogether. 

To get a surety about her decision, her friend suggested that she needs to read first-year books to figure out whether she enjoys learning the concepts and finds them interesting or not. Juhi asked her friend where will I get all the books to read to which her friend replied to download the MagTapp app. As per her friend’s suggestion, she downloaded the app. 

From the MagTapp online book section, she searched for Psychology books and found many books to study. After selecting first-year books she started reading them, and when she comes across any difficult English word as per the guidance she just taps on the word to get its visual meaning. She found these books interesting and got curious to read more and learn about human behavior.

After reading those books, she decided to choose Psychology honors for her further education. She was convinced that she would want to become a psychologist and help people with their problems to make their lives easier. Now she is sure about what she wants to pursue in her career. 

Juhi says, “MagTapp gave me the freedom to read any book by just downloading it, and tools like ‘one tap visual meaning’ helped me learn new terms with the power of a tap. MagTapp helped me choose my career with ease and resolved the confusion that I had. I would recommend every student to download the app.” 

Having clarity about your career helps you grow better, as it gives a sense of confidence. 

We are glad that MagTapp is helping people to make better life decisions.  



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