Ways to Earn Money with MagTapp Short Videos

Learn Knowledge and Earn MONEY

Are you an influencer? Are you a person who loves to interact with people? Do you have good social skills?
Do you have a good fan base? Do you want to teach something to lots of people?
Do you want to create an impact with your videos?

If YES then we have a wonderful opportunity for you.

Now you can Learn & Earn Money by utilizing your skills on MagTapp Short Videos.

Below are few methods to make money with MagTapp Short Videos.

1. Refer & Earn Money with MagTapp

Do you have good social contacts?
Why not utilize it to earn money. Refer MagTapp to your friends, family, and followers and earn up to Rs. 100,000 via referral bonus. What are you waiting for? Invite friends to join MagTapp and start earning.

Go to Coins Icon at the top right of Short Video Homescreen just beside For You button. Scroll down to Refer & Earn Money Section and share your referral link with your friends.

2. Earn Money by Selling Products with your Short Videos on MagTapp

Are you looking for an extra options to make money online? Are you doing affiliate marketing or e-commerce and looking for an extra distribution channel to sell your products. We have got your back. Now you can sell your products with your Short Videos on MagTapp. You just need 1,000 Followers on your profile and this feature will get activated.

Simply Add the Link of the product while uploading the video on MagTapp Short Video and it’s ready to go live.

2. Earn Money by Accepting Donation with your Short Videos on MagTapp

If you want to raise a donation for any cause or charity, you can do it smoothly with MagTapp Short Videos. Create a Short Video and upload it on MagTapp Short Video, Enter the amount you want to accept as a donation in the button section and post the video. It is as simple as it sounds.

You just need 1,000 Followers on your profile and this feature will get activated, That’s all.